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Shevlin & Atkins has been serving the greater Miami area for decades. We are a high-end boutique firm dedicated to getting results for our clients.

Barry T. Shevlin, Partner

Phone:  305.868.0304
Fax:  305.868.0338
Email:  Barry@shevlinatkins.com

Practice Areas: Litigation, Real Estate, Probate, Family Law, Criminal Law

Barry T. Shevlin is the founder and Senior Partner of Shevlin & Atkins, Attorneys at Law. Having lived in Miami his entire life, Barry has firsthand knowledge of the ever evolving Miami business and real estate markets...

Andrew S. Atkins, Partner

Phone:  305.868.0304
Fax:  305.868.0338

Practice Areas: Litigation, Real Estate, Corporate, Business Law

Andrew S. Atkins is a Partner in the law firm Shevlin & Atkins, Attorneys at Law. Andrew has extensive experience in, and focuses his practice on various levels of litigation, including real estate, commercial, and business litigation... 

Scott E. Hayden, Esq

Phone:  305.868.0304
Fax:  305.868.0338

Practice Areas: Civil Litigation, Real Estate Transactions, Probate, Family, Corporate and Partnership Disputes, Social Security, Insurance and more

Scott E. Hayden handles a variety of different practice areas including civil litigation, family law, probate and real estate transactions...